Better Business Together

Join us in support of Monmouth County’s esteemed local businesses. We hope to meet new people, collaborate on projects and events, learn new ways to improve our businesses, and create shared value in our community.

Who is it For?


Showcase your talents, products, services, and love for our community. Find new loyal patrons and learn what motivates their purchases.


Help shape the future of business in Monmouth county and discover the best local businesses to patronize and support.


Share insights into the challenges of our community and connect with local businesses and patrons to help advance your mission.

Founder's Note

Hi, I’m Steve Kesselman, a local business owner in Monmouth County. I founded Monmouth Patrons with a simple yet ambitious goal: to create a network that brings together people who believe in the value and importance of local businesses.

I was tired of supporting businesses that prioritized profits over quality. And don’t even get me started about Amazon. Instead, I envisioned supporting local businesses that genuinely care for their customers and our community, offering quality and reliable products and services.

Monmouth Patrons is a platform for businesses in our county that are determined to excel, to collaborate, and to showcase their capabilities. We’re not just about business; we’re about fostering a community that supports each other and contributes to making Monmouth County an even better place to live.

By championing a new approach to business that creates shared value for everyone, we hope to reshape our economic landscape. Welcome to Monmouth Patrons. Together, let’s create a thriving local economy that we can all be proud of.

~ Steve

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