Hi, I’m Steve Kesselman, a local business owner in Monmouth county. I started Monmouth Patrons because I wanted to meet other people like myself. I was tired of supporting local businesses that don’t care about quality or about doing what’s right. I was tired of buying cheap products from Amazon, only for it to break a few months later. Wouldn’t it be great to support local businesses who care about their customers and our community, who offer quality products and services, who will create jobs, give back, and make Monmouth County a better place to live?

Monmouth Patrons is a place for Monmouth County businesses that strive to go above and beyond. A place where we can collaborate, meet new people, and most importantly, showcase our talents, products, services, and love for our community. My hope is for Monmouth Patrons to change the way we think about business and to create shared value for everyone.

Feel free to reach out with any ideas or just to say hello. I want this venture to be collaborative and work to help the most people possible.